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Baz & Adam discuss online abuse and the new Single!

Yesterday we launched our anti-bullying campaign in conjunction with The Sophie Lancaster Foundation. We'll be releasing a number of informative, personal interviews on the subject in a bid to raise awareness on this very important cause.

The first episode features Baz discussing the inspiration and some personal experiences behind the single and ensuing anti-bullying campaign with Adam.

It means a lot to be able to share this message through our music, and even more to be partnering with The Sophie Lancaster Foundation to help support the anti-bullying work they do in schools.

We're donating a proportion of proceeds from all sales of “Fuck The Haters” merch and child-friendly “Forget The Haters” to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation who intend to use these proceeds to deliver workshops in schools which are designed to increase levels of empathy in young people and help them understand that actions have consequences.

Massive thanks for all your support in spreading the message far and wide!


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