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We are on Patreon!  Patreon supporters of Massive Wagons gain regular, exclusive access to Massive Wagons music, merchandise, live shows, livestreams and other content.  

Patreon gives artists the freedom to create more of what we do best and connect more closely with those who support us on the platform.

We use the Patreon Website/App in conjunction with our member only Facebook page to deliver our content and share the bands journey with you.  We also have a private Instagram account and a Discord server.  Each band member is active on the social pages, making these a direct line to the band members 24/7!

Membership is tier based, you can join a the level you wish to support us ranging from £5 per month to £20 per month with increased benefits as the tiers increase, you can commit to a years membership for a discount.

If you have any questions regarding Patreon/Wagons World - please email


Please Remember - HOWEVER you support us, we love you all.

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