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We are proud to announce our new album ‘TRIGGERED!’

Featuring our brand new track “Fuck The Haters”!

"We don't know if I’ve ever been so completely happy at the end of a recording session with an album. I don't think we have ever sounded so good in a recorded format. It really feels like all of our previous albums have led to right up to this one. This is THE album I dreamt we’d make at the start of writing it. We all dug really deep writing this one. It’s full of everything we love about guitar music but it also has much more of a punk vibe about it!" - Baz

‘TRIGGERED!’ is available to pre-order on limited coloured vinyl (including clear/blue splatter, green, orange and pink vinyl), black vinyl, signed CD, cassette and digital download. For you hungry collectors out there, there are also six white vinyl editions available as part of a special collector's bundle, featuring six different front and back covers.

Pre-order your copy at today or click HERE

We are so excited to release ‘TRIGGERED!’ to you on 28th October 2022 - we hope you LOVE it.

Thank you for being the very best fans we could ask for, your support continues to mean the world to us!

Team MW x


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