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Wagons Mega Xmas Raffle!

Alrighty then! The first Massive Wagons Xmas Mega Raffle is ON!!

12 prizes, 12 chances to win. We will be revealing each prize every few days until the draw which will take place on Facebook Live on the 17th December as the bells end on our UK tour with The Darkness.

The prizes won’t be bottles of Brut or tins of Quality Street, each prize will be a totally unique item or experience and we hope, special to anyone who enjoys our music.

So we will start with the first revealed prize…

A day in the studio with us while we record our new album, followed by a curry with the band. For the winner, plus one, you can see first hand how the new album gets put together right there with us, as we do it and you'll be literally the first to hear the new songs. Pretty cool eh! This will happen early next year.

Second on our list of prizes is Stevie's 'Yellow Peril' Epiphone warm up/backup bus guitar!

We picked this lovely little gem up at the start of the HON Tour in September and it was actually played live by Stevie at Manchester Academy.

The guitar has mainly lived on the bus and we warm up, write and generally noodle away on it all day long, if this guitar could talk, it would say 'I'm a lovely yellow guitar, and you definitely want a chance to win me!'.

We will sign and had send to whoever is drawn out second in the raffle for your own noodling pleasure!

To enter the raffle simply buy a ticket and your name will be added into the draw. You won’t get a number, your name gets added into the pot for each ticket you have, so the more tickets, the more chances you have of winning.

Get your tickets now and stay tuned for announcements as we reveal each prize!

Good luck amigos x


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