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To celebrate this years Record Store Day, we are offering YOU a chance to get what is in your head onto an official Massive Wagons tee shirt!

Record Store Day celebrates the special place independent record shops have in the community, and this year we are releasing our latest single ‘Changes’ and the House Of Noise track ‘Sad Sad Song’ as an A side/B side one two punch combo on 7” vinyl, and we want to commemorate the event with a limited Massive Wagons ‘Sad Sad Song’ themed T Shirt, using one of your ideas.

Don’t worry if you're not artistic, it’s the IDEA that we are looking for, the concept and why you reckon it works. If you can draw.. then go nuts, absolutely! We want to open this up all, non-artists and kids, everyone. We can't wait to see what you come up with.

Please send your graphics, these can be as elaborate or as basic as you like, with some text to explain your concept to the email address below by 8pm Monday 24th May, this gives our art wizards time to take the winning idea and get it ready for the Paris/Milan/Lancaster catwalks.

Honestly, take this WHEREVER you want! Wanna see Baz riding a tiger into a volcano, or Bowzer deadlifting the moon..? Show us and tell us why!

The winner will be announced on Friday 28th May and the T-Shirt put into production for release on 12th June, on Record Store Day.

Happy drawing!

Send your ideas here -

(Lyrics for Sad Sad Song can be found HERE)


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