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Rock Guitars at Backstage Studio!

Time to get crunchy! Big thanks to Andy Sneap, Colin Richardson and Chris Clancy, also Dan Gower for the ultimate Marshall tone 🎸

Watch Part 4 of our Massive Wagons studio diary updates as we record our new album with producers Colin Richardson (Slipknot, While She Sleeps) and Chris Clancy (Machine Head, Evile). Check out the killer NEW Tonepack from Colin and Chris by STL plugins at the STL website, including presets based on the Massive Wagons House Of Noise tones!

We're recording in deepest rural Derbyshire in England, at Backstage Studio, owned by legendary producer and stellar gentleman Andy Sneap and George the cat.

Patreon supporters, watch the Studio Diary Xtra bonus content over at now

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