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NEW FEATURE: The Info Dump...

OK so things are pretty weird now we can all agree.  We should be zooming around continental Europe right now on our first headline Euro tour and planning our live assault for promoting the our new album, freshly mixed a few weeks ago. This. Sucks. Like many other artist are having to think out of the box for ways to stay connected, and naturally in the world of social media we it is entirely possible to do that from our homes.

So we'd like to present a new series 'The Info Dump: More Info Than You Need...' which will be streamed through Facebook Live we will take questions on any subject at all.  Be sure to tune in and ward off those lockdown blues..  find us on Facebook now! Make sure you keep tuning into the live streams and badgering us with your questions, it really keeps us afloat and we love engaging with such awesome people.  Continue to spread the word and share our videos/posts, it makes all the difference!

MW x


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