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Massive Wagons Official Tab Book: Vol 2

Another volume of brand new Massive Wagons tabliture! Featuring songs from each album to date, these tabs have been transcribed by Adam from Massive Wagons.

Sawdust Dirty Little Secrets Germ F#ck The Haters Glorious A.S.S.H.O.L.E Buck Ratio Northern Boy The Curry Song Skateboard

Suitable from total beginner (e.g F##k The Haters) to more experienced players (e.g Sawdust), this book was written for simplicity in mind. As with Vol:1 - the book is made with high quality, durable pages packed into a ringbinder, this book is easy to lay flat and will not get scuffed or creased with repeated use. Cover photo by Simon Dunkerly for SD_Photography. Check out his excellent work here:

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