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🍺 Massive Wagons Beer Club!

Prepare for an untapped, full bodied experience as we delve into the world of beers in a new Wagons World exclusive live stream series! It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. We will start with one live stream a month, and take recommendations for what to try out the following session. This is all about the shared experience as a community, so get these on your shopping list and get involved in the comments, we'd love to hear what you all think!

For the first Beer Club livestream, we decided to keep things simple and choose readily available, affordable beers, this time from the UK, but we will go more exotic and international in future! For the October beer club meeting, all beers are from the Harper's Brewing Co range, available to buy at UK Aldi stores and as of last week, a very reasonable £1.09 per bottle. The three we will be supping are as follows:

Harper's Brewing Co. Amber Ale 5.0% Harper's Brewing Co. American IPA 5.0% Harper's Brewing Co. Ruby Red Ale 5.0% (sometimes labelled 'Medusa') For future sessions, we will feature a on-alcoholic (or very low 0.5% ABV) beer so those of you who don't, or are too young o drink can share your tasting notes with us! The first beer club live stream will take place at 8PM on 2nd October

exclusively on Wagons World (available at all membership levels) Please join us, it's gonna be ace! 🍻 Join as a badass WAGONS WORLD member HERE


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