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Sadly, due to one of our brethren being struck down by the worlds biggest arsehole COVID-19 we are having to pull out from performing on the last 2 nights of the The Darkness ‘Motorheart’ tour in London.

We would like to thank the guys in the Darkness for giving us this amazing opportunity to share their stage and play to their wonderful fans, but give it up for the Kris Barras Band who will be taking our place!

We realise how lucky we have been through all this managing to get a full headline tour under our belts, Germany tour and a 20 date support tour... to everyone that’s seen us and enjoyed our show we extend our eternal thanks and love, we will be recording the new album soon and hopefully touring new music, hope to see you on the road somewhere, take care, loads a love x

Baz, Ad, Bowz, Al and Ste


jefferson james
jefferson james
Dec 25, 2021

Happy Christmas you awsome guys love Jefferson


Only got tickets for Friday when British Lion dropped out & you dropped in, absolutely gutted!

Hope whoever is infected gets well soon

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