'Ratio' Video Shoot

June 2, 2016

Call Sheet for all rockers nationwide!

The song Ratio, track 4 from the latest album is getting the live action video works! Pre production is under way and it looks to be epic. During the video there will be a full blown live band party section, and to cut to the chase, we need YOU to be the party. Location is The Pub, a sterling rock boozer in Lancaster, and our spiritual home, the shoot should take up most of the afternoon.


Here is the link to the Facebook event where you can RSVP, if you don't use Facebook, send an email to us at massivewagons@hotmail.co.uk and let us know you're coming.


Now, a few things to mention...

- We need a clear indication of numbers, so we ask if you RSVP is is either a 'Going' or not. If you are, make sure you're up for it and it's a solid yes! We'll need 80-100 people so not that many. 
- We need folk prepared to rock out. It will be hot and sweaty, be ready to dance/headbang and generally do what you do at gigs. High energy and entheusiasm!
- There will be a full open bar on premesis so you can ahem.. grease the wheels of your performance. We need a party atmoshpere so drink as much as you want. 
- The process involves listening to the same section of song over and over.. so if you like the track Ratio, you may not when the day is through! Haha, joking. Kind of.

Depending on how swiftly the shoot runs, we may get to perform a short set of new album tracks for you once the shoot is done. Something really cool we've not done for a while and hope it's possible. If you want to make a full night of it, Circus Freak, a fantastic band are on at the venue in the evening. And yes, we're aware this clashes with a certain festival in Derbyshire, but if you ain't there, you're needed here. 

MW /,,/

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