Get Nails!! (Limited to 25 units - email for more information)

Meticulously designed and built from the ground up by Massive Wagons own Adam Thistlethwaite, the Nails guitar effects pedal delivers heaps of crunchy distortion goodness via its multi-stage clipping circuit. The Output control produces tons of output, making it ideal for driving the headroom out of the most powerful tube amps.  The Nails is versatile and over the top, the consummate distortion pedal for anyone wanting to punch the audience straight betwwen the ears!  Watch the video above for a demo.

More info on the design:

The Nails Impact Overdrive delivers just that: impactful, full range, articulate punch as hard as it's namesake.  Quality design and components ensure that the point is driven home cleanly. By filtering and boosting target frequencies while eliminating unwanted noise the Nails can hit very heavily while keeping the focus on the player.

A dual BiFet engine weaves harmonic rich saturation into the signal (with a hair of fuzz) while retaining the characteristics of your pickups and amplifier, this overdrive is equally at home firing up a completely clean tone as it is taking an already overdriven amp into gloriously defined fuzzy heaven.  As the drive increases the high frequencies are tamed to ensure the effect never becomes too harsh.  Bosh that drive knob up to 10, the hammer hits harder but remains bang on target.

Nails will give you stunning results at 9 VDC supply voltage, however this pedals accepts any DC voltage source btween 9 and 18 VDC. This higher supply will increase the 'headroom' and respond to your playing with a greater dynamic response and the LED clipping section of the circuit will engage more naturally. Try it, it may work for you!  (Please note there is no battery option, it's 2020, c'mon guys)


POWER: 9 > 18V DC power supply with a 2.1mm negative center barrel. A pedal-specific, transformer-isolated mains power supply with isolated-outputs is ALWAYS recommended.  Pedals will make extra noise if there is ripple or unclean power, which you WILL experience if you use poor power supplies or daisy chains.

DIMENSIONS: 119 x 94 x 30 (mm)
CURRENT DRAW: 8mA (approx)