Mens and Ladies - Gildan Softstyle tees. 


"We’ve lived in and around Lancaster all our lives, writing songs was very new to me when we were putting our first album together, I’d never been in a band before, so in a good way all my inspirations and ideas could be poured into Wagons, I was always looking for interesting topics to write about, if the truth be told it was my Dad that came to me and said ‘I watched a brilliant documentary last night about a murderer from Lancaster called Buck Ruxton, killed his wife and maid, it could be the new Mr Crowley’ he said, I laughed it off for a while but then started to read about him, what a tale! And right on our doorstep, no brainer I thought! I tried to write the lyrics around the tale with different lines from each involved and their point of view, Buck, his wife, the police etc, and the song became a solid track in our live performance for years, and I’d say collectively it’s our favourite from that album, as times gone on it’s been forgotten somewhat or merely undiscovered by new fans, so we thought it deserved a redirection, hope you dig it.’ - Baz

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