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That's a wrap!! Almost...

🔥🔥 BOOM!! 2022 is almost a wrap!! Playing shows all over Europe making a ton of new friends, unleashing a new batch of songs and hitting the charts with the big timers.. what a year, just insane.

Team MW wants to again massively thank those who have played their part in making it happen.. ..our management, road crew, label, PR team, producers, patrons, video makers, families and friends and more. We're nowt without ya, there's the truth!

HUGE shout-out to UKJ and their crew for sharing this latest tour with us, a hardcore bunch of badass rockers and true gentlemen to boot. May the radness continue 🤟

HUGEST shout-out of all to YOU. Yeah you and all those who get behind our music and rocket us way beyond anywhere us 5 numptys from oop north have any right to be. We just wanna say not a single part of it is taken for granted, you are the f'n greatest

2022 is almost over, but not done. 2023 may be even bigger, including a bit of news that involves... ah well you'll have to find out later this week won't you 🤐

Peace and love.

Alex, Baz, Steve, Adam, Bowzer

📸 by Cobspix in Sheffield, Nov 10, 2022


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